Help with mods - questions


For this one to work you need two bonuses

one with GLOBAL_EFFECT propagator, val: -250 and one with TEAM_PROPAGATOR val: 250. (there is no “enemy player” propagator)


Thanks. Now -250 gold/daily works as intended.
But still I try to figure out how to block 1st level spells at enemy army.
Fact is:

  		"type" : "BLOCK_MAGIC_BELOW",
  		"val" : 2,
  		"valueType" : "INDEPENDENT_MAX",
  		"propagator": "BATTLE_WIDE"

works fine. Both sides can’t cast 1st level spells, but such code:

  		"type" : "BLOCK_MAGIC_BELOW",
  		"val" : 2,
  		"valueType" : "INDEPENDENT_MAX",
  		"effectRange" : "ONLY_ENEMY_ARMY",
  		"propagator": "BATTLE_WIDE"

does nothing - both sides cast spells normally :frowning:


effectRange is very tricky and buggy :slight_smile:


how to add new terrain, is it possible with json files?


Unfortunately new terrains are not yet implemented.


Hello! I am new to the forums! Is it possible for homm3 to have more combat music? For example at the moment it only has 4, is it possible for me to add 5 or 6 or any other amount? Can each faction have specific music that will play when you face it in combat? Thank you very much!

  1. Yes, it’s quite easy to have more combat music. Just add as a mod or copy to Mp3 folder combatXX.mp3 files where XX is suffix for example combatRolf01.mp3 or combatRolf02.mp3. But specific music is not possible.


I see, so if I add words before the number in combat, I can add technically as many as I want?


Words are not neccesarilly. Files can be named combat05.mp3, combat06.mp3 and so on. Adding your own suffix saves situation when you’ll enable other music mod sharing the same filenames. And yes - you can add many files as you want. But I guess it could reduce performance if you add dozen tons of new music :wink:


Wonderful! Thank you very much I greatly appreciate it!