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What is difference betweend Dispel and dispelHelpfull spell? A what is difference between SPECIAL_PECULIAR_ENCHANT, SPECIAL_BLESS_DAMAGE, SPECIAL_SPELL_LEV and SPECIFIC_SPELL_DAMAGE ?


dispelHelpfull is Dragonfly’s ability, which dispells only positive spells.

SPECIAL_PECULIAR_ENCHANT is or peculiar enchantment spells as stated in Strategija:

And so on.

SPECIAL_BLESS_DAMAGE is Adela’s ability

But can work with other spells too.

SPECIAL_SPELL_LEV is Solmyr & pals bonus.

SPECIFIC_SPELL_DAMAGE is flat % damage bonus as Ciele and Luna.


So, all there four commands work with other spells, right?


Hey new problem… Our town has a structure built on the castle called Awakening. I had wanted it to have the ability to unlock a secondary upgrade to each of the seven monster tiers, but it seems there may be some coding issues with trying to do that with just the one structure as opposed to having to add to each dwelling structure. Any suggestions?


What does “unlock a secondary upgrade” mean? Where upgraded creatures to be hired if:

  • upgraded dwelling is built
  • upgraded dwelling is not built or even disabled


by "unlocking " I only meant the Awakening would make available the secondary upgrade. In essence the Awakening structure would add an additional upgrade to each creature. Sorry sometimes things sound simpler in my head than in type.


So it adds 7 more creatures or one more independent population of existing upgrdes?


7 more, one for each dwelling.


You may try add 7 more dwelling buildings (without structures - invisible) with “auto” build mode, each depends on basic dwelling and Awakening.


Sounds like an idea!!! Thanks!


Is there a way to write a spell that works only for NON_LIVING creatures?


Use absoluteLimit: {"NON_LIVING" : true}


Thanks AVS. Spell format is most difficult for me and I’m slowly learning it. So one more question: Arrow Towers are set as ‘special’ creatures, so it is posiible to write a bonus that would be ‘heal’ towers?
Something like:

			"type": "HP_REGENERATION",
			"val" : 50,
			"subtype" : 1,
			"duration": "N_TURNS",
			"limiters": [ {
			"parameters": [ "arrowTower", false ]
					} ]


This should work, but was never tested such way.


Last question (for now:)) Is the a way to ‘ressurect’ or ‘animate’ non-living creatures? In bonus list I can’t see any [configurable] raising bonus for any creature (don’t count deamon summoning).


There is no hard limit on non-living creature revive, however there is no way to add new resurrection spell. May be I implement configurable resurrection in PR359


Yeah, I’m waiting patiently for this PR and configurable summon spells :slight_smile: Addind configurable ressurection would be great!


Before PR359 merged, you may try creating new resurrection spell by adding rising flag.


Maybe some example? Because rising flags are available in standard h3 spell json. I don’t know what to write in “levels” section to get raising bonus :frowning:


Rising flag by default make spell act like Resurrection or Animate dead. To make new spell, you have to write complete levels configuration, but no effects needed in this case. I have no examples of new spells :frowning: PM me your config and I`ll help to fix it.