Game is crashing a lot on nexus 7

Hello, first thanks to whoever took their time to make this game come to android, I love it! However it seems that since the recent update I have had a lot more crashes. Sometimes it is when I go to fight a mob it will instantly crash before the battle screen even shows up but mostly it seems to happen when a new day starts for me. I try reloading several times and it never changes anything. I’m sorry if I am being too vague but it has happened on many different campaigns and scenarios. Could it be something on my end?

I second that. I use a Samsung Galaxy S4.

This and many other threads on this forum, just look around.

that’s not what we were complaining about.

the problem is NOT the long AI turns (which became better with the July update) but that the game CRASHES between turns (which was not present before that update).

it seems to be a new bug to me. and unfortunately it makes the game unplayable, yet again.

Yea I know that but I linked this thread because of

Additionaly, android version is just a port at the moment, if you encounter same problems on desktop VCMI you can

…for similar bug reports and if not present, report it.

I thought we just did that… :o

(I’m sorry, I know nothing about desktop VCMI. since I can play the game on my desktop PC without the need of anything else, my only need for it is on my Android phone.)

No offense, but did you even read VCMI app description on market? It says: "Report bugs not specific to android port here: "
Any help, including bug reports are welcome and appreciated. However at the moment it is necessary to consider android port as an independent project. If you want to help VCMI grow, you will need to at least check if bugs you encounter on android are present on current desktop version too.