Balance mod

Having the option to put a limit on specific spells per combat/adventure map spells would be a great option to have for a balance mod (or any mod). Such an option could be used to prevent abuse and make the game more dynamic. Also, it’s important to remember that not all will want the same kind of balance, so options, options. I rather see a very flexible balance mod than a rigid one.

Mage classes are already too weak compared to might heroes of same level. To cut magic - to make them more weak. I would rather propose otherwise - to give hero 2 casts per turn, if he is magic class hero and have expert wisdom+intelligence, for example.

I’m not sure that’s necessarily true. However, abuseable spells like resurrections + blind tactics is just bad for the game. It slows everything down and it’s just lame. If there was a limit on resurrections then it becomes fine. If power/knowledge heroes are too weak then make them stronger in some other ways.

I think 2 spells per round is very OP. If a power/knowledge hero had a small chance to cast a extra spell like how ‘high moral’ works - and with a requirement of, say, ‘wisdom+intelligence’. That might be closer to something that would work out balanced. The extra spell cast might further be limited to a level 1-3 spell.


I understand you’re Russian?

Did you hear anything about World Tournament?

I am not Russian. But I do know about Heroes WT and I agree only partially with stuff there. That’s why I propose a minimalistic mod, that touches only the greatest unbalances in a straightforward and easy to comprehend way.

But WT and tournaments in general have rules for good reasons. So: above this balance mod, I see 2 other things (mainly for multiplayer):

  • a “graphic tool” that will allow you to individually disable stuff you do not want (artifacts, spells, map objects)
  • some sets of comprehensive rules as text, displayed in a form easily to visualize ( like a license agreement ). (some things should / cannot be disabled).

I am playing only randoms / multiplayer lately. 3 big things force gameplay into predefined patterns.

  1. Necro and Conflux are too powerful and Inferno too weak no-one is playing them. => More or less same factions face each-other all the time.

  2. Nobody plays magic or hybrid heroes.

  3. Everyone gets/aims for the same skills all the time.

Because of the above a great deal of H3 content is just never used. These cannot be fixed with the type of non-obtrusive patch I proposed above.

I think an acceptable solution would be to have 2 mods:

Balance level 1 (The mod proposed above - Phoenix thing)

Balance level 2 (This one will address faction imbalances, hero imbalances, skill imbalances, starting terrain imbalances)

I think spell damage also must be increased to make mages more efficient.

Mages aren’t efficient?
I almost always play as mage, and I consider it easiest way to win.

I think that summon elemental spells should be balanced. They’re far too weak for level 5 spells.

Let’s face it, unfortunately the heroes classes in H3 are totally broken and botched. Everyone who spent a few minutes to think about knows that might heroes are 1000 times better than any other class, and the differences between classes are inexistent, as everyone can learn any skill through many options.

Look how well are done Might&Magic 6-8, pure might has no access to magic, pure mage can’t learn heavy armor or armaster, nor master bow or sword. Therefore you have to think how to balance them.

Barbarians/beastmasters/knights should not be able to learn wisdom, nor any magic school. Wizards and warlocks should not be able to learn logistic, armorer, offense, leadership or archery. When players will find out that a might can’t anymore clean a map with mass slow they will have to think creative, especially in PvP.

I wanted to make such mod for WoG, but nowadays almost no one is still playing seriously the game, so I let it go. But I would certainly enjoy such mod for VCMI, if well tuned.

wtf, Crag Hack should be scared about Solmyr and right now he eats Solmlyr at breakfast.

Well, against computer at 200% you can start with specialist eagle eye or scouting, wait 2 months without moving and you still win. Against human player, he will eat you alive if you play magic class. How can you compare one spell/turn with 7 army attacks/round and might stats level up against crap for magic.

S-M maps rules Maggie. L-XL - warrior.

Through modding system you already can modify existing heroes classes and set 0 to wisdom for might heroes, for example.

The best balance with magic and might was in HoMM5 where hereoes were mixed . If somebody doesn’t know the mixed setting was due to the fact one hero advanced in attack and knowledge as main stats another in for example defense and spell power etc.

Most of the heroes there were both magicians and fighters (beside barberians and wizards which were alike to traditional h3 might vs magic)

  • mage guilds were a lot cheaper in hoMM5 which actually meant you might have build up to 5 level in mp games (which almost never happens in h3 multiplayer)

IMHO HoMM5 was the only heroes so far that had some kind of balance beetween might and magic so I think balancing it in any other way is hard or even impossiible if one consider how many factors have a meaning here (map size, number of castles etc. )