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You can actually use a larger font and the info boxes will scale.

Hello, I’d like to ask how are/will be things going on with scripting. As far as I get it VCMI is based on WOG (well it requries it) so how about ERM? Will it / is it used? Or something else (I think I`ve seen LUA somewhere).

I also want to ask why don`t you use something like Trac for bug / wish reporting? I think it would be more readable and definitely more easy to maintain.

nvm the second one, I see you have it but only for the team, and I see you`ve already abandoned Trac for some reason some time ago :wink:

ERM interpreter is nessessary to keep backward compatibility with tons of already existing maps and scripts. Unfortunatelly, as far as I know, none of team members knows it well and there are more urgent things to do.
However we would like to introduce something better, proposals are Lua and Python. At current stage it’s hard to talk about details, but your help would be appreciated :wink:

Well Ive been in WOG Team for approx 2-3 years. There are many issues with ERM commands not working properly. Actually Ive found a new bug few days ago :wink: If you add form creature experience bonusses Dwarf Type Magic Resistance and set it instead of increasing it (parameter 61), the unit will become vulnerable to… Destroy Undead. Now explain that… :wink:

I strongly recommend to do something new with more standard syntax. As far as language is concerned its rather not an issue because all you actually need is variable declaration, if, for and function calls which is generally simple basic in all languages. Besides this way youd get to have something you can control and modify at any time.

Hello there :slight_smile:
I wish to help you. I’ll pretty soon be graduated in engineering (in I.T.) and I’ve worked as an intern at Ubisoft. I know neither Lua or ERM, but I know a bit about C++, math, IA, and reverse engineering.

(By the way, I read “Ubi has no bugtracking system” : that’s wrong, or maybe in their smallest studios)

I think my first step will be to dive into your source code :wink: see where I can help.
btw I’m French (I might help with translation as well)

It is still being discussed. Mostly in this thread.

I’m pretty sure the SourceForge tracker is open to anyone to add. It’s not as populated as the forum, but it’s recently been used more and more. As for Trac it seems to be hosted on the SF project page, but I have never used it. It doesn’t seem to be used much by anyone else either.

Hi, nice to hear that there are new developers who want to help us. All sources are publicly available, if you have any problem, you can ask here.

I don’t think reporting bugs on sf’s tracker is a good idea, we are going to close it. Currently we consider opening Mantis tracker.
Trac from sourceforge is used by me to browse commits.

Hello everybody,

I bumped into this project while looking for some “high resolution mod” for H3 - I’m an old fan of it (and even playing a round with family right now :P), and this really looks nice.

I would like to contribute as well with my working knowledge of C++, but I’ve never participated in an open source project on sourceforge or alike, so can you tell me how to join the ranks and help (that is, of course, if you still need C++ programmers)?


Firstly, you’ll have to download the sources using some SVN client. ( Dikamilo wrote a guide how to do it with tortoisesvn: [forum.vcmi.eu/t/how-to-use-svn-and-make-diffs/198/1) )
Repository address is vcmi.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/vcmi/trunk

Secondly, you’ll need to setup your development environment so you’ll be able to build VCMI. Steps depend on you environment.
Project files for MSVC and makefiles are in the SVN and should be up-to-date.
To build VCMI you’ll need the following libraries:

  • SDL
  • SDL_Image
  • SDL_Mixer
  • zlib
  • boost

You’ll also need files from original game installation (VCMI is placed over the H3).

Isn’t WoG 3.58f needed as well (so H3:SoD or Complete, then WoG 3.58f, then VCMI)?

Best regards,

Well, I guess that was a given. :slight_smile:

Anyway, just in case it’s necessary, a link to download WoG, as well as other info in the VCMI Manual. :wink:

Oh, and hi TheIndigoHippo. Welcome to the project. :slight_smile:

Don’t know where the best place to post this so I’ll do it here.
I’ve noticed that on town screen left-bottom info panel doesn’t behave like in H3 and it looks that I fixed this as well as some connected issues:
-all elements now response like in H3 on mouse moves\clicks
-town status bar was not cleaned when nothing is selected
-growth calculation was a bit wrong (in case of town with grail)
-in H3 legion statue effect does not include effect of its components - only global +50%

I’ve attached .diff - I hope everything is OK, never used svn before
townscreen.diff.zip (6.17 KB)

Great job!
I’ve committed it with minor fixes as r1400.
Many thanks for contribution :smiley:

Btw, don’t you want direct SVN commit access?

Some remarks:

if (fort) delete fort;

“if” not needed, delete is guaranteed to do nothing when called with NULL pointer

void CCastleInterface::CTownInfo::activate()
void CCastleInterface::CTownInfo::deactivate()

Not necessary, can be replaced with:

CCastleInterface::CTownInfo::CTownInfo(int BID)
	//rest of c-tor

That possibility has been introduced recently, so most of GUI still don’t use it but new code should. Much cleaner.

if (town->builtBuildings.find(bid)!=town->builtBuildings.end())

FYI I hate typing the container twice, so I made simplier contains function: vstd::contains(town->builtBuildings, bid) (expands to what you’ve written) :wink:

	else if ( bid == 6 )//no fort

Out of range: No fort picture has index 3.

for (bid=10;((ci->town->builtBuildings.find(bid+1)!=ci->town->builtBuildings.end()) && bid<13);bid++) {}	

bid = 10 + ci->town->hallLevel();
(and similar goes for the fort with fortLevel())

  • one occurrence of VLC in CastleInterface causing compile error -> replaced with CGI.

It does for me, though. With a hero with Statue of Legion in a town I get a Statue of Legion as well as a X of Legion bonus to the creatures.

Strange. I tested in WoG (installed over H3Complete), with a hero with Statue of Legion in town (at gate or garrisoned), and I didn’t get the other bonuses. Neither in real (at Castle in the beginning of next week), nor as part of the info message (as shown in your screenshot). What game version are you using? And can you check if it’s only the R-click msg, or if the bonus applies for real (probably yes, but who knows…).

I have nothing against this. Just tell me how to use it. Registered on sf.net as ivan91.
Thanks for remarks. I’ll try to make cleaner code next time:)

I’d wish to make some more changes in castle handling. Should I replace “old version” if I’ll find it?

I’m using H3 Complete + WoG 3.58f with the script updates and whatnot. It did give the advertised amount of creatures at the start of week. I tested it in SoD too and it was the same there.

Then I’m really puzzled (I have the same, except for the “whatnot”). :stuck_out_tongue:

Can you post here a saved game? If then I can reproduce it, perhaps it’s not related to the game version but sth else.

Here’s a save of a non-WoGified SoD map in WoG, and the test map itself.
Statue of Legion test.zip (142 KB)

Okay, this is even more strange: after trying your save, I am not able anymore to reproduce the behavior I had before, even with my own saves (or I was really blind to something before…). I’ll try to think if there’s anything I’m still missing, that led to the behavior I had before, but for now I’ll take it that the correct H3 behavior is the one you mention, namely that the bonus of the artifacts forming the Statue of Legion apply as well, when the hero wearing it is in town. I’ve updated #318 accordingly already.

Thanks. :wink: