0.71b - development version




I finished checking all the bugs in this thread, and they are all either fixed (= not reproducible anymore in 0.73) or reported in SourceForge or newer bug threads. Well, except for this one, which I added only now in SF: :->

To clarify when the bug occurs, I added also in SF that it’s only in case of loading a saved game (which makes it easily reproducible, also in 0.73).

And with this I’ve finished the checking of all bugs reported before VCMI 0.72 (from the “Main bug thread” until the “0.71b - development version” here). They are all:

  • either fixed (= not reproducible anymore in 0.72d/0.73, at least on my machine)
  • or logged in SourceForge
  • or logged in newer threads (0.72/0.73)
  • or logged in the Missing features & functionalities thread, when the case

This means as of now we can easily trace all un-resolved bugs by checking only two locations:
SourceForge : for older bugs (0.6x-0.71b)
→ Tow’s opening post in the thread of the newest VCMI release : for newer bugs (0.72-…), plus of course the bugs reported in that thread.

So as long as the devs will continue to find the current system most efficient, there should be no need of logging bugs in SF anymore. Unless of course the programmers will find it convenient to log there bugs encountered in dev. versions not released on the forum.

Best regards,