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VCMI 0.95 released!
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Posted: 2014-06-13, 08:38   Re: stable

lonelywolf1 wrote:
the reason about 1.0 is the so called released version stable version, of course you can build on after, but that is in game industry bugfixes mostly.

Yes but that is exactly in game industry when selling games - developers actually have to set one version they will support and create new features for expansions (to earn money). In case of vcmi it seems to me that the main reason is not money hence it is gradually developed. New features appear as they are needed by developers/users and game becomes more stable and stable. From my point of view 1.0 *should* be a release where all original Heroes3 features are implemented (we are pretty close to that right now) but hopefully not the point where development (of new features) ceases. On the other hand we connot *force* developers to continue their work as it is their free time. Thanks for all your hard work and an amazing project!
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Posted: 2014-06-14, 15:50   

I don't understand this 1.0 fetish. The game is improving every month and will continue to grow even after 1.0 release.

Because at 1.0 all missing features will be instantly implemented (even those we don't know about) and all bugs will disappear. You didn't knew that?
Yes but that is exactly in game industry when selling games - developers actually have to set one version they will support and create new features for expansions (to earn money).

And what about patches? How many patches H3 have got? Everyone expects 1.0 because that where all H3 features should be in place. But no-one mentions that bugs still will be there just like Heroes III 1.0 was not a final version of RoE. Some features won't be implemented identically to H3 like AI (that would never be same as in H3). Full support for mods like WoG would need quite a lot of work in modding direction.

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Posted: 2014-06-19, 05:15   

Warmonger wrote:
why would it never work like original? is it too hard to program it that way?

Because original AI is cheating and unsuitable for mods and planned scripts. Not to mention it's too predictable. I don't see ahy anybody would waste their time recreating original AI behavior.
yea i thought so too, wonder how long it will take for 1.0 release. 1 year if lucky?

The original Heroes III AI does some things quite well (although could always be better) and other things not so good at all. It was certainly a much better AI than the Heroes IV AI.

I suppose the goal would be to improve the AI in many ways but also make it compatible with the majority of existing H3 maps. I'm sure some maps rely on quirky H3-specific AI behavior so if some don't work without modification so be it, but most should, ideally, work as well or better than before.
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