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Secondary Skills Modding
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Joined: 02 Apr 2013
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Posted: 2016-12-03, 10:56   Secondary Skills Modding

I propose to discuss new secondary skills that could be made using current bonus system (not some imaginable things possible in future.


"val": n

Creates a vail of darkness around hero, hiding his movements from enemy.
Basic: radius of darkness is 2
Advanced: 3
Expert: 4 (think can cover all town visited by hero.



"subtype":"spell.earthElemental"  / "spell.airElemental" / "spell.fireElemental" / "spell.waterElemental"

Increases power of elemental summoning spells (maybe also grants these summoning spells to spell book)
Basic: by 15%
Advanced: by 30%
Expert: by 50%



"val": n,

Increases HP of troops due to hard and harassing training:
Basic: by 10%



"val": n,

Casting mass Prayer at start of the battle
Basic: 1st level prayer
Advanced: 2nd level prayer
Expert: 3rd level prayer



"val": n,

Increases number of shots of shooting troops
Basic: 20%
Advanced: 30%
Expert: 50%



"val": n}

All troops become experienced in killing monsters.
Basic: basic slayer (more damage to KING1)
Advanced: advanced slayer (more damage to KING2)
Expert: expert slayer (more damage to KING3)



"val": n

When troops gain defensive stance instead of moving, they get bonus to defence.
Basic: 15%
Advanced: 25%
Expert: 35%



"val": n

Troops are trained to fence and receive additional retaliations to enemy attacks.
Basic: 1 retaliation
Advanced: 2 retaliations
Expert: 3 retaliations



"val": n

Your hero produces amount of ore each day
Basic: 1 ore
Advanced: 2 ore
Expert: 3 ore

So on with other resources: wood (Cuttery), gems (Diving), crystals (Speleology), sulfur (Hell Gating?),
mercury (Alchemy), for gold we already have Estates.




When hero sits in town, creature growth in town is increased:
Basic: by 10%,
Advanced: by 20%,
Expert: by 30%

Wizard Slayer



All troops gain immunity to spells of some level
Basic: 1st level spells immunity
Advanced: 2nd level spells immunity
Advanced: 3rd level spells immunity
I'm not a member of VCMI developer group and my posts are not official. I'm just a fan.
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Joined: 22 Jul 2010
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Posted: 2016-12-03, 18:13   

Some ideas was good but the percent on some skills was maybe too high.
ex breeding on expert 50% wow that is very much, maybe more like 8 or 10% on expert would be more naturell and better or els you could easily overpower your enemy.
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