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Pathfinding, movement and Fly / Water walking challenges
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VCMI programmer

Age: 25
Joined: 04 Jul 2014
Posts: 389
Posted: 2015-11-19, 02:00   

Also want to share few ideas about possible pathfinding related optimizations. I'm not going to implement them anytime soon, but still want to share my thoughts.
  • This one is mainly for human players as animation take a while and most of time human players don't interrupt their movement.
    Trick is that we can start paths graph calculation before hero movement is finished. Basically we just fake changed game state inside pathfinder by ignoring currently moving hero and pretending it's already stopped on last tile.

    Though this one require additional changes as moving hero may change FoW state. So probably this one can only be used when FoW changes during movement not going to happen.

  • Other idea is to avoid pathfinder graph recreation when hero picking objects around. Usually those objects only accessible from from tile hero standing on. If hero don't have fly bonus these tiles are dead end. So we can update old graph for these tiles only instead of recreating it from scratch.

    Then when hero picked some object we start path calculation in new unlocked direction only. If we found that any of "locked" nodes from previous graph is touched by current calculation then we start full graph recreation, but if none of "locked" tiles touched we just merge new graph with old one.

    Note. This one wouldn't work when fly or water walking used (as one turn boundary depend on movement price) and will require changes in how CGPathNode store price. E.g we'll have to store total cost instead of remaining MP, but this is feel like a good change even without that optimization now.
VCMI programmer

Age: 25
Joined: 04 Jul 2014
Posts: 389
Posted: 2015-11-21, 08:23   

So thanks to @AVS we find way to boost code in my current branch a lot. I had some issues that AI being slow and he not only find two super-slow pieces of code within VCAI, but also helped me to find out what make pathfinder code slow.

I'm attach archive with valgrind's callgrind data of calculatePaths before and after that commit:
You can view data using KCacheGrind / QCacheGrind. Please check readme for more details about performance testing.

End up that Bonus system shouldn't be used for cases when there's going to be tons of calls and using own static cache is best solution as selector creation is slow. With a bit of hacky code performance of pathfinder become 20-30% better (or even more).

Download 65 Time(s) 726.01 KB

VCMI programmer

Age: 25
Joined: 04 Jul 2014
Posts: 389
Posted: 2015-11-22, 06:47   

For anyone who may be interested here is dumps from release build (with debug info).
It's commit after all optimizations applied: 6dacb84404c25b7a5baadf793eceb3f0197359e8

It's of course much faster than original code.
Download 72 Time(s) 603.08 KB

VCMI programmer

Age: 25
Joined: 04 Jul 2014
Posts: 389
Posted: 2015-11-24, 12:08   

So the first branch is merged. Now I'll work a bit on stability issues (there is few issues cause crashes and stuck within AI that I likely responsible for) and then go back to pathfinder improvements. :-)
VCMI programmer

Age: 28
Joined: 07 Jun 2008
Posts: 1545
Location: Warsaw, Poland
Posted: 2016-11-29, 17:52   

Another pathfinding / monolith probing / AI issue:

On map Reunion (my favourite :roll: ) there's a complex network of one-way teleporters which AI needs to explore in order to complete the map. However, it has single one-way entry monolith and AI tries it only once. All following heroes of target player get stuck in black Keymaster area (62,60,1).

Not sure how it should be solved, though. Especially due to "channel probing" complexity.

Mind if you try to test it, it might go smooth until like month 6 or later.

Reunion stuck.png
20 Time(s) 208.89 KB

(WoG) Reunion very hard (edit).h3m
Download 27 Time(s) 162.14 KB

Think twice if you really need to send me private message. Use public forum for general questions.
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VCMI programmer

Age: 25
Joined: 04 Jul 2014
Posts: 389
Posted: 2016-11-30, 20:53   

I definitely will. At moment one-way monoliths only used by pathfinder when it's known where exactly hero going to arrive so if there more than one exit this is obvious why it's not working.
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