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Nowe działy na forum
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Age: 28
Joined: 12 Jun 2008
Posts: 474
Posted: 2009-02-17, 15:13   Nowe działy na forum

może by dodać dział "OUR IDEAS" do forum angielskojęzycznego?

Age: 28
Joined: 12 Jun 2008
Posts: 474
Posted: 2009-08-25, 22:28   

może by dodać dział "OUR IDEAS" do forum angielskojęzycznego?


Joined: 24 Feb 2008
Posts: 744
Location: Brussels, BE
Posted: 2009-08-26, 20:17   

Good question. ;) The only problem(s) I see with opening such thread in the English section would be losing focus and perhaps expecting that the devs implement one or another of those requests, while that's not the priority now. I'd suggest for now to focus our creative ideas in the "missing features" thread and see what else can be improved in the original game, without changing the gameplay (as that would really pleasantly surprise all H3 fans, even those who are not crazy about WoG & other mods).

But if it's ok with Tow & TowDragon, I guess we can already start a "Modding suggestions" thread in the General Discussion section. I'd prefer that title over "Our ideas", as we might get there mixed proposals, including things that would better go in the "Missing functionalities" thread.

Sorry for trespassing Polish territory with my English. ;-) :-P
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- Enjoy! :)

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Age: 28
Joined: 12 Jun 2008
Posts: 474
Posted: 2009-08-26, 20:42   

maybe really "Modding sugestions" is a better name...
but regardlessy of name variation, those topic would be needed
VCMI programmer

Age: 28
Joined: 07 Jun 2008
Posts: 1545
Location: Warsaw, Poland
Posted: 2009-08-26, 20:48   

I hope there are many people willing to get support for their mod or just an idea, but there's no clearly deigned thread for such proposals. Hell knows what they find on our board or what are they looking for.
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Posted: 2016-02-23, 05:14   


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