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Abyss Town revived!
Author Message

Joined: 12 Nov 2015
Posts: 182
Posted: 2016-05-17, 16:58   

Download link at the first post is not working!

Troggly wrote:

When I feel the mod is more or less complete, I will, if people want it, release an alternative version with all the original names restored. I feel that while I wasn't satisfied with some names, others were, so the alternative will be available then. In the meantime, you can just go into the various files and restore them.

I think there's no need to make alt version, but to make a submod with original names to easily switch between two versions.
Gong Farmer

Joined: 31 Oct 2015
Posts: 24
Posted: 2016-05-17, 20:39   

Link fixed!

That could be achieved, however, I believe this subject will be further explored once we get *there*!
Gong Farmer

Joined: 31 Oct 2015
Posts: 24
Posted: 2016-10-03, 18:31   

New update! 0.6 contains:

-Unit balance tweaks
-New unit sounds!

Big thanks to an anonymous helper for sounds and balance. Additional balance help from my brother!
Gong Farmer

Joined: 31 Oct 2015
Posts: 24
Posted: 2016-12-28, 19:26   

New update! 0.7 contains:

-Grail map! Big thanks to the ERA modder StasPV for this!
-Two new neutral units: Winged Lamprey and Mana Lamprey. These are neutral variants of the feelers/surgers. Backgrounds on icons will be changed to neutral later. They are still wip but should be fairly balanced... for now.
-Balance tweaks

I have been a bit busy so forgive me! ;-)
VCMI programmer

Age: 28
Joined: 07 Jun 2008
Posts: 1545
Location: Warsaw, Poland
Posted: 2016-12-28, 19:58   

Good job, great you're continuing your support for Abyss town :)
Think twice if you really need to send me private message. Use public forum for general questions.
DJ Warmonger blog
beegee wrote:
Warmonger, you are the best!
Gong Farmer

Joined: 31 Oct 2015
Posts: 24
Posted: 2016-12-29, 08:28   

Thanks, I really wouldn't have gotten anywhere without Misiokles, Anonymous and others and their hard work. Not to mention everyone's creative input!

0.71 released due to me having time to kill. It's just a cosmetic change to the icons of the two new neutrals (proper neutral backgrounds).

Age: 45
Joined: 15 Sep 2016
Posts: 47
Posted: 2017-01-16, 00:41   

I really like this town a lot, I think it is visually stunning. In the future I want to make a map to share that utilizes many town mods in various places, and I always envision doing this town in a subterranean area with lucid pools covering the ground completely to enhance the "undersea" feel. Now what would be a neat add on to the town would be a underwater terrain as a new terrain, and a special kind of two-way portal unique to this town that whenever you portal into the underwater area sparks a story something like "Magic courses through the bodies of you and your army, granting them the ability to breathe under the water." and of course an event when teleporting out to "dry land" that sparks an event as above but air instead of water. Just a thought.

In any case this is an awesome town!!! Thank you for creating and sharing it!
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