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Establishing some presence in social-media
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Age: 25
Joined: 04 Jul 2014
Posts: 291
Posted: 2016-03-02, 01:51   Establishing some presence in social-media

So a while ago I'm started to think that once VCMI is feature-complete we'll need to provide more PR to audience that is not covered by well-known H3 communities. Two months ago I had free time and get myself to register public pages on social media I think it's important to have.

So here we go:For now plan is just to keep posting announcements with minimal details for players that may find it useful. Since we still far away from 0.99 release there's no reason to advertise these pages yet, but once we'll be close to stable release I'll also try to get some coverage on VCMI from online media.

If anyone else from developers want to participate please PM me and I'll provide you with all permissions needed to make new posts into these groups / pages /etc.

Age: 29
Joined: 02 Apr 2013
Posts: 82
Posted: 2016-03-02, 10:51   

So now we got a facebook group and a facebook page. NICE!

Joined: 05 Nov 2012
Posts: 34
Location: Poland
Posted: 2016-03-02, 19:05   

You should not forget about youtube account :)

Age: 25
Joined: 04 Jul 2014
Posts: 291
Posted: 2016-03-03, 00:40   

Asgraf wrote:
You should not forget about youtube account :)

There will be youtube account once I have time for actual video. I'm like what OpenMW / 0 A.D. developers doing and wish we had something similar for VCMI, but it's require huge time investment since I'm have like zero experience with video editing.

Age: 28
Joined: 17 May 2008
Posts: 50
Posted: 2016-08-17, 05:47   

^I can help with editing/composting/effects whatevrer , been a while since i touched VCMi tho. Some 1920x1080 recordings of gameplay would be cool. :-P
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