[Sat 12:58] Warmonger:  Added Facebook link to main page.
[Fri 9:21] SXX:  btw check this out: http://forum.vcmi.eu/viewtopic.php?t=1155
[Wed 16:47] amvmichael:  Hope coding goes well! :P
[Thu 8:34] Warmonger:  Absolutely. https://github.com/vcmi/vcmi/commits/develop
[Fri 4:17] amvmichael:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hAEQvlaZgKY Just do it~
[Fri 5:24] amvmichael:  bo toche smutnow wyglada strona glowna :P moze przydalo by sie eddytowanie newsa i dodawnie ostatniego test builda tam? (aka 88g)
[Mon 20:30] SXX:  http://forum.vcmi.eu/viewtopic.php?t=1122
[Mon 20:30] SXX:  I'll try to restore daily builds today.
[Mon 22:39] SXX:  Ok daily builds now restored :-)
[Thu 20:25] Tooandorisu:  how far are we for a .99 release?
[Thu 21:32] Tooandorisu:  how far are we for a .99 release?
[Fri 11:35] Warmonger:  All depends on working editor.
[Fri 11:35] Warmonger:  There are anough improvement to make a new build, though.
[Tue 20:44] SXX:  BTW i wish to finish my environment sound branch before new version. :-)
[Tue 20:45] SXX:  So now try to finish desyncs fixing, then sounds. After that would be happy to see new version
[Wed 11:56] AVS:  Map editor is good enough for PR200 and one more PR )
[Fri 22:08] Warmonger:  Editor can be good on its own, but actually I would like to launch a map with modded objects in game.
[Fri 22:44] SXX:  Also I now usually online in IRC #vcmi at freenode.net
[Fri 22:44] SXX:  So if anyone want to ask something feel free to join
[Sun 0:08] SXX:  BTW Warmonger can you please give bug tracker permissions to Dydzio?
[Sun 0:09] SXX:  Or if it's okay to me so I can do that myself. Promise to not break anything!
[Sun 13:01] Warmonger:  Sure thing. Bug tracker was not supposed to break anything :P
[Sun 20:22] SXX:  still can't assign to dydzio / manage user permissions
[Sun 21:24] Warmonger:  Just gave Dydzio developer permissions on Mantis.
[Sun 21:26] SXX:  Thank you!
[Tue 23:41] SXX:  BTW I sorry I broken map objects by merging branch and Cmake. Going to fix it soon :-)
[Fri 18:13] SXX:  And yeah I started new board on Trello for missing features https://trello.com/vcmi
[Fri 18:14] SXX:  This is not to duplicate mantis, but instead to have a view over most important things missing
[Sun 14:06] Tooandorisu:  any .99 news?
[Mon 10:32] Warmonger:  No .99 yet. Try daily builds: http://vcmi.arseniyshestakov.com/windows/
[Mon 15:37] amvmichael:  are we there yet? x)
[Mon 22:28] misiokles:  I hope you've clicked link above your message :)
[Tue 19:09] SXX:  @Warmonger can we now merge battleAI refactoring?
[Tue 20:30] SXX:  @Warmonger can we now merge battleAI refactoring?
[Tue 20:46] Warmonger:  I see it's all done ;)
[Wed 11:11] SXX:  btw we had nice talk with Tow yesterday in slack
[Fri 1:20] SXX:  Anyone interested may now request access to coverity reports.
[Fri 1:21] SXX:  https://scan.coverity.com/projects/vcmi
[Fri 17:43] Warmonger:  Looks interesting :)
[Fri 17:44] Warmonger:  Looks interesting :)
[Fri 17:58] Warmonger:  Wow this thing is amazing!
[Fri 18:00] SXX:  @Warmonger yeah it's a nice tool.
[Sun 6:14] SXX:  New Coverity Scan ready, now with few more bugs probably due to debug build.
[Mon 14:46] KroArtem:  It's so strange to see your admiration. Coverity was suggested to you in late 2013/ early 2014, see here: http://forum.vcmi.eu/viewtopic.php?t=786
[Thu 16:21] SXX:  Now there is far less false positives probably because of both Coverity and VCMI changes.
[Sun 19:21] SXX:  @Warmonger you have really weird issue with 7z archives
[Sun 19:21] SXX:  Both that you posted aren't working for you are fine for me. There nothing special about them too.
[Sun 19:21] SXX:  So probably you need get 7z or check what wrong with your downloads
[Mon 7:25] Warmonger:  You could be right, will check these.
[Wed 2:33] SXX:  I'm now 7000km away from home so Windows builds going to be added rarely
[Wed 2:34] SXX:  Though already built MXE and first build on laptop
[Thu 6:24] nuhoang911:  Quick question: The wiki said "Set FFMPEG enviromental variable to Dev folder containing folder lib" (I'm setting up the pj for Visual Studio). Does this mean I should set up my Windows environment variable to the lib folder in Dev FFmpeg? Thanks!
[Thu 19:27] Warmonger:  No. It means you have to set it to folder containing folder lib, in my case ffmpeg-20151109-git-480bad7-win32-dev
[Sat 14:43] jabbadabbadahat:  I have a problem I have 0.99v and changelog says it supports random map generation but when i try to generate map (with hota and artifacts and creatures mod) it says that cant create map that fits current choices
[Sat 14:43] jabbadabbadahat:  also can i make larger than XL maps?
[Sun 0:30] Kantor:  Happy New Year, let it be best year for VCMI project and ofc for the devs too :)
[Fri 6:45] Draeganfire:  Hey all! I am starting to make some headway on my new town project a undead town called Death Valley!!
[Fri 10:40] Tooandorisu:  That link doesnt work
[Thu 18:45] Tooandorisu:  3 months left and VCMI is 10 years old!
[Mon 21:50] SXX:  New automated test suite coming!
[Mon 21:51] SXX:  Flying to Dubai currently, soon will be home and post proper announcement
[Mon 21:52] SXX:  BTW I sent it to AVS, but no idea whatever he checks his email. :-)
[Mon 21:53] SXX:  At least he has backup just in case
[Mon 21:56] SXX:  At least he has backup just in case
[Tue 21:55] Warmonger:  Automated test suite sounds intriguing
[Tue 21:58] Warmonger:  I would like to see working Travis and Coverity builds, though :P
[Wed 22:35] SXX:  I'll work on it soon. UPD: done!
[Thu 0:05] SXX:  Now someone just need to fix error that cause build to fail :-)
[Thu 0:43] SXX:  We have to upgrade our Travis config or disable tests for CI
[Thu 0:48] SXX:  We have to upgrade our Travis config or disable tests for CI
[Thu 17:15] Warmonger:  That was quick, thanks!
[Thu 20:04] SXX:  Not quite have access to github, but have ssh key to push code.
[Sun 20:06] Dydzio:  I created discord server for our project: https://discord.gg/chBT42V
[Sun 19:13] Warmonger:  Okay, but isn't Slack enough?
[Tue 18:04] Tooandorisu:  There has been silent with dailies for a month now.. Any news?