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  Topic: VCMI for Android

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PostForum: Development   Posted: 2017-03-14, 19:57   Subject: VCMI for Android
Fay wrote:

* right-clicking support (two modes, switchable in launcher; personally, after some testing I find relative cursor very weird but I'll leave it there),
* intro doesn't appear frozen anymore (after interrupting intro, screen is cleaned + progressbar is displayed); this might also possibly fix HarryPhoon's problem with artifacts on the sides, buuut I don't know,
* hack that might make hero movement animations slightly smoother.

Few things I noticed:

  • Relative cursor mode doesn't seem to work very well, literally disappears after trying to press right click and you can move it off screen as much as you want, to the point where you completely lose it, thanks for adding it so fast though, if you're gonna fix it and don't mind working a bit more on it add sensitivity too, would be useful.
  • While intro seems much nicer now it seems to take longer time to load (might be just a psychological thing) and the sound of it disappeared (Actually now that I think about it, it may have not ever been there, if so dismiss this one), not something essential to the game but I think it worked previously.
  • Right clicking is pretty nice, takes a few clicks initially to get used to since one of your fingers always cover the information table but just moving fingers while you don't have them released solves the problem.
  • Walking seems a little bit smoother now, but further optimisation would go a long way.

Will edit if I find more stuff, thanks for the update! Oh also meant to ask, are there any performance differences between 16 and 21 API versions? And if not, what's the point of making two different ones? Also why does this update take up three times as much space compared to the last one?
  Topic: VCMI for Android

Replies: 334
Views: 183400

PostForum: Development   Posted: 2017-03-12, 17:37   Subject: VCMI for Android
Fay wrote:

This input handling is done in SDL port. Feels quite good and I thiiink I could port it. (few weeks ago I added a bandaid method to send right-clicks through extra button in gui, but this would probably work better).

Edit next day ~ okay, so I added right-click support + changed intro so it looks better. I might build/upload apks later today.

Awesome, just wondering though, are you gonna try fixing movement animations at some point, or will you leave it as it is?
  Topic: VCMI for Android

Replies: 334
Views: 183400

PostForum: Development   Posted: 2017-03-06, 21:53   Subject: VCMI for Android
Just tested previously posted API16 and API21 builds and to my surprise both worked quite well, I am on Android 7.0, OxygenOS 4.0.3, OnePlus 3T, game version is from GOG. Few things did irk me though:

  • While intro plays perfectly well, there is some significant lag after skipping it, like solid 4-8 seconds. Didn't happen at all with xyz's version but hey, that one instantly crashes when trying to load a game from the menu so what do I know.
  • The way controls are implemented seem awful to me, I much more preferred xyz's way of doing things, he made so your finger upon touching the screen would act as a mouse and controlled the cursor in that way which was really accurate and felt pretty good. If you're still wondering the way he made right click work was that if you had one finger on the screen dragging the mouse around and put a second one anywhere it would instantly stop and hold right click. It's really intuitive and is easy to figure out even if you don't know it beforehand.
  • I know it was in the second point but for the love of god implement right click in some way
  • Resolutions higher than 1280x768 might as well not exist for phones since stuff gets ridiculously small and hard to see, but I am guessing you can't fix this without redrawing everything.
  • Whole menu, loading, displaying maps and that stuff in general is significantly laggier and slower than xyz's version.
  • After you choose your options and start the game there is like 1/10 chance a random very slim flashing bar appears on the very right of your screen, no idea what the hell could that be about. Just something I noticed, doesn't really impact gameplay in any significant way.
  • I know you said that the hero movement coding is complex and you don't wanna mess with it but if you could find a way to fix it, it would make the game nearly indistinguishable from the desktop version, could easily be an android store release if you'd do that.

That's it for now, still hadn't had the chance to properly test it all out but will prob often turn it on when I have free time and report if I see anything acting up. Thanks for making this btw, really cheered up my day, hope you don't give up on the development, wish I could help in some way.
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