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General discussion - Board migration

Warmonger - 2017-02-24, 21:38
Post subject: Board migration
I contacted Tow (our admin, in case you don't know :P). He can't fix FTP server issue which prevents us from updating mods and releases.

He said that the whole board is messy and outdated, needs migration.

However, Tow can't do it himself, but he is ready to support any brave volunteers willing to do so.

Tooandorisu - 2017-02-25, 20:45

I own my own homepage.. (Sucks atm) I could try doing it.. However... I'm a total newbie when it comes to FTP stuff
Dydzio - 2017-02-26, 10:03

I think SXX wanted to work on it
SXX - 2017-03-10, 07:15

Yeah I wanted to do that a while ago, but then wasn't available. Now I'll need to finish some other vcmi-related work and then we'll decide where to move our infrastructure.

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