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VCMI 0.7x
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Category :: VCMI 0.7x
Extended experience cap, now it is supposed to work up to level 199.
Now all the components and window text are correctly handled.
Map 'Wielkie Gory' created using editor patch by unknown author. Notice working minimap and its scale.

Hero info is displayed incorrectly due to my local problems.
I took this one because I particularly liked the stance in which the Unicorn was captured when the Victory screen popped up at the end of my battle.

It's a bit of a pity the Battle Win/Loss animations are not yet implemented. It would have made the screenshot even nicer. :)
Pic Title: Hero experience record
Poster: Warmonger
Posted: 2009-10-28, 11:05
View: 16619
Rating: 9
Comments: 0
Pic Title: Utopia Loot
Poster: Warmonger
Posted: 2009-09-18, 12:31
View: 6804
Rating: 10
Comments: 0
Pic Title: VCMI handling a 252x252 map
Poster: Warmonger
Posted: 2009-08-14, 16:13
View: 9510
Rating: 10
Comments: 1
Pic Title: 0.72 Glorious Victory
Poster: Zamolxis
Posted: 2009-07-10, 20:30
View: 7493
Rating: 10
Comments: 0
Adventure map, visiting scholar. VCMI supports new resolutions since 0.7 release.
A sample battle. Stack queue (one of the new VCMI features) is visible at the top of the screen.
Available since VCMI 0.63
Fort screen is supported since VCMI 0.62.
Pic Title: 1024 x 768 resolution
Poster: Tow
Posted: 2009-04-09, 14:07
View: 9105
Rating: 9.5
Comments: 2
Pic Title: Battle, stack queue
Poster: Tow
Posted: 2009-04-09, 14:04
View: 2627
Rating: 5
Comments: 1
Pic Title: Spellbook window
Poster: Tow
Posted: 2009-04-09, 14:01
View: 508
Rating: not rated
Comments: 0
Pic Title: Fort screen
Poster: Tow
Posted: 2009-04-09, 13:59
View: 589
Rating: not rated
Comments: 0
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